The Houses of King George School is named after the great kings, commanders, leaders and legends of native and world history.

Lincoln House

With the motto Indomitable Courage, Lincoln House is named after the greatest US President, Abraham Lincoln.
The house colour is RED.

Alexander House

With the motto Legendary Command, Alexander House is named after the world’s most successful military commander, Alexander the Great.
The house colour is YELLOW.

Vikramaditya House

With the motto Magnanimity and Wisdom, Vikramaditya House is named after the legendary emperor Chandragupta Vikramaditya of Ujjain.
The house colour is BLUE.

Khye Bumsa House

With the motto Invincible Strength, Khye Bumsa House is named after the grandfather of the first Chogyal of Sikkim.
The house colour is GREEN.